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We love stuff that does a job and does it well.  And ideally easily so we don’t have to think very much as thinking burns calories, and calories are precious.

Contrary to our name, we do drink and enjoy other beverages: water, beer and liquor to name but a few.  And also tea.  Great quality tea.  And we love it!

It has to be brewed carefully and with the respect it deserves to release all of its complexities and delicious flavour.

Enter the Brewt - a Canadian designed, BPA free plastic steep-and-release tea brewer.   It’s a simple yet extremely effective device that allows you to steep your loose tea and then just stand it on top of your cup to release the fluid by way of a valve (this looks really impressive), via a filter to avoid any leaves in the cup.  You can then also easily do second and third steeps if your tea allows it.

But the good news doesn’t end there; you can also brew coffee through it and get great results! 

A tea brewer that also brews coffee? It must be the devil's work.  Well, maybe so - but you know you want one anyway.

The Brewt consists of:

  • A valved container for the fluid
  • A filter that fits in the bottom and is easily removable for cleaning
  • A detatchable lid
  • A drip collecting coaster to stand your beautiful Brewt on

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