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KeepCup and Eight Ounce Coffee in Chatelaine!

by Jen Farnell
© 2012 Eight Ounce Coffee
Posted: 11/21/12

KeepCup and Eight Ounce Coffee in Chatelaine!
So here we are! Listed in Chatelaine Magazine in their December issue gift guide. Exciting stuff, hey?

We're also listed on their website... check us out.

KeepCups really do make a fantastic Christmas gift, and they've been flying out the door lately. Cafes are stocking up on them (and re-ordering almost as soon as they get them on the shelves). We've also had people buying KeepCups by the case to give around the office as a green festive gift.

Not only that, but the brand new KeepCup Carry is about to be released. KeepCup Carry allows you to cut down even more on takeaway coffee waste by eliminating the need for cardboard trays during your coffee run. Reversible and washable - they also have a convenient change pocket.

In case you're wondering, the KeepCup shown in the photo is Twilight... one of the new Cosmic Sky colours... and just happens to be my newest KeepCup, too!

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