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So this is Christmas...

by Wes Farnell
© 2012 Eight Ounce Coffee
Posted: 12/11/12

So this is Christmas...
And, as usual I still haven’t done any gift shopping. I’d like to say that this is entirely due to Eight Ounce Coffee having such a busy year, but the truth is it's because every year I misjudge the time I actually have left to get gifts. More often than not, I can be found trying to get last minute items on the most relaxing shopping day of the year - Christmas Eve. I’m pretty confident that I’m not the sole offender in this.

However, in the past decade, the growth in internet shopping has assisted me a little by allowing me to buy gifts whenever I have a few minutes to spare. This means my last minute shopping is not quite as painful as it could be.

But there are still deadlines with shopping online that have to be observed so that deliveries can get to your (or the lucky recipients) door in time for the festive gift giving: in our case, the 17th December.

To help you further in your time-saving online shopping endeavours, I’m not just going to give you this date and leave you to struggle over a gift decision. I’m gonna help you decide on the best coffee gifts by giving you a few pointers!

Stocking Fillers: KeepCups are re-usable takeout cups that provide the most stylish way to drink coffee, as they come in a range of colours and sizes (4,8,12 & 16oz) and, if you have more than one, all of the parts can be interchanged to make new combinations (excluding 4oz)! They are BPA free, spill-proof, dishwasher safe, good looking and impart no taste to your drink. The perfect stocking filler.
KeepCup - from $12.00

The home coffee lover: Whether espresso or automatic drip brewers, everyone who drinks and enjoys coffee at home can make their tastebuds happier than ever by using a burr grinder. And not just any burr grinder. We only sell Baratza coffee grinders as the quality of product and service are amazing. These things will last forever and can handle espresso, through to French press grind size.

Of course, you need to make the coffee once it’s ground and, if you’re making for more than one, I suggest one of our favourite brewers for when we have guests - The Espro Press. An updated version of the classic French press/plunger coffee maker, it gives you all of the flavour and body that you expect from a French press, but none of the sediment. The 40oz version will make enough coffee for 4-6 cups (also available in 8oz).
Baratza grinders - from $155.00
Espro Press (40oz) - $100.00

Quality coffee on the road or in the office: When I worked high up in an office tower, my only access to brewed coffee was via a vending machine. This was depressing. I decided to take matters into my own hands. Enter the Aeropress - a super simple, forgiving, virtually unbreakable coffee maker that’s quick to clean. I was making great coffee in no time and no longer had to suffer the persecusion of office coffee. Unfortunately, my colleagues tasted the coffee I was making and wanted coffee also. This added a not insignificant time to my coffee break. It’s also what I use whenever I am on the road (work or pleasure) as hotel coffee is as bad as office coffee - I also always carry a grinder with me so that I can get the freshest coffee possible.
Aeropress (including 350 filters) - $36.00
Deluxe travel pack (including Aeropress, Porlex tall hand grinder, filters, tote bag & 8oz KeepCup) - $130.00

Office coffee run: You don’t want to make coffee at work? I understand. But I bet you go to your local coffee shop and get a round in for you and your colleagues. You can keep you and your colleagues' coffee hotter for longer with the mighty KeepCup - a stylish, spill-proof, dishwasher safe, good looking re-usable takeout cup that imparts no taste to your drink. And as you’re picking up more than one, you can carry up to four cups in the KeepCup Carry - a foldable, re-usable carry tray that comes in three different colours. Your colleagues will love you even more than they already do...
KeepCups - from $12.00
KeepCup Carry - $18.00

Tea Lover: The Brewt. This is simply the best tea brewer available. It’s a steep and release brewer that lets you put your tea in, add hot water, and when the brewing finishes, you place the it on top of your favourite mug and watch the tea release though a valve in the base. It lets the tea fully expand and doesn’t bruise the tea so if you want more extractions, you still have great quality tea.
Brewt - $28.00

So these are just a few ideas to get your last-minute gift buying moving - but if these don’t tick your boxes then have a look around the site for more Christmas gift ideas. It may save you a really bad Christmas Eve shopping experience and it’ll look like you’ve put a lot of thought into your gift choice!

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