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Baratza Removable Hopper (with bean shutoff feature)

by Wes Farnell
© 2013 Eight Ounce Coffee
Posted: 03/22/13

The hopper on the Baratza is one of the only things that causes me some issues. Any time I want to remove beans from the hopper you have to twist, lift and try and slide a hand underneath to try and prevent bean spillage. The new Forté addresses this issue but what if you have a Baratza already and are feeling left out? Well you’ve lucked out as our friends at Baratza central have made the Forté hopper available separately and backward compatible to Vario/Vario-W and (with minor modification) to all Baratza conical burr grinders.

Baratza Removable Hopper

Pretty, isn’t it! And here’s some more of the features...

  • Built-in bean stopper to allow hopper removal with beans in it
  • Accepts Baratza hopper extender
  • Capacity 300 grams/10 ounces

It’ll be available July this year (2013) at the same time as the Baratza Forté.

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