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Cold Bruer - A Fresh Take
by Dan Jenkins
© 2016 Eight Ounce Coffee
Posted: 02/23/17

Cold Bruer - A Fresh Take
The Cold Bruer (by Bruer) is a more cost effective answer for an alternative way to enjoy complex cold brew, compared to other cold brew methods like the Toddy or Hario Cold Drip Tower.

Fresh out of the box I noticed everything was packed well and it was a pretty simple assembly. Top chamber goes into the bottom carafe which doubles as the server once you have finished brewing.

Cold Brew is one of the most overlooked ways to enjoy coffee on the market today for a variety of reasons. Some say it doesn't have the same complexity as a pour over which is true with full submersion cold brew methods like the Toddy. Other complaints are that it takes too long to brew or that slow drip towers are too expensive and take up too much valuable counter space.

All of these things I have heard before and when I came across this brewer I saw a device that was more affordable, well constructed, user friendly and a way to enjoy one of my favourite brew methods without a huge clean up!

I think this brewer is for someone who doesn't have time to make good coffee every morning but wants something quick, easy and can be enjoyed in many different ways!

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