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Christmas Gift Guide; Next Level Coffee Gifts

by Wes Farnell
© 2017 Eight Ounce Coffee
Posted: 12/05/17

It’s that time again. It comes every year, and every year it seems to get a little more difficult. With too much choice comes confusion so we’re here to help you make the perfect decisions when it comes to gift giving this festive season. And if they don’t like your choice? You can always hope for a regift on your birthday - so choose wisely! Whatever you chose, we can guarantee that we’ve put the hard work in on your behalf by testing every product we carry and only bringing in things that are great quality and that we love.

We have split our list into several sections, and then into price points to make it super simple to drill down to the ideal gift. And don’t forget that special gift for yourself for being so considerate!

Stocking Stuffer/Secret Santa (under $20)

Kalita Kantan

Kalita Kantan (30 pack) - One of our favourite little brewers: perfect for travel with some of the best filter paper we’ve ever come across. Just open it up, pop it on top of your cup, add about 11g of fresh medium ground coffee and pour over hot water. You’ll have around 6oz of brewed perfection in no time!

Perfect For: Anyone who travels for business, anyone who often finds themselves spending a weekend with the in-laws who only own a pod machine, or anyone who is living a nomadic lifestyle.

Acme & Co. Cup & Saucer

Acme & Co. Cup & Saucer - Beautiful? Check. Hard wearing? Check. A New Zealand designed Acme & Co. cup and saucer will make the most out of whatever beverage someone may want to drink. Available in a variety of colours, styles and sizes.

Perfect For: Anyone who savours coffee at home, and appreciates design and durability.

V60 Clear & Filters

V60 Clear & Filters - The pourover world can be an expensive rabbit hole to go down but, thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. Hario’s clear plastic V60-02 pour over dripper and filters, will allow an initial foray into delicious coffee, without the heavy price tag.

Perfect for: The pour over beginner, student living away from home, or specialty coffee curious.

Able Disk

Able Disk Fine/Standard - Made in North America with metal sourced from North America. Copied, but never equalled: the AeroPress compatible Able metal filter. You’ll need a little knowledge for this one, i.e. does the recipient have an AeroPress? If the answer is yes, then one of these will be a surefire hit. A reusable filter that gives your coffee more body, as well as saving trees, and money!

Perfect For: The AeroPress owner that wants to explore further with brewing.


KeepCup Original - Made in Australia, the OG KeepCup is still the industry leading reusable takeout cup. Amazing to drink out of, available in lots of colours, customisable, 4, 6, 8, 12, & 16oz versions, dishwasher safe, and fully recyclable at the end of its life. You can look good and feel good knowing that every cup of take out coffee you buy results in one less cup in the landfill.

Perfect for: Anyone who has a takeout coffee in their hand every time you see them.

Price Conscious ($20-$50)

Hario Uchi Mug

Hario Uchi Mug - we. love. this. The Hario Uchi mug is a straight up 12oz travel mug. It’s not a thermos, but it is dual wall stainless and has a screw on lid with a flip top plug: it will keep your beverage hot for a long time.
Why do we love it? Firstly, the design is a little different to other takeouts as it has a waved body endowing it with, not just good looks, but a grippy body. Of course it has a lid that is a pleasure to drink out of but take the lid off and drinking out of it is an even more pleasurable experience. Available in black or stainless.

Perfect for: Commuters, stylish and individual coffee drinkers; campers.

Hario Bona Storage Canisters

Hario Bona Storage Canisters - Part of Hario’s latest range of enamelware, the Bona storage canisters are all white, super sleek, sealable jars. A perfect pairing for any countertop and a great way to store your coffee beans (we like to leave ours inside the packet, inside the canister), or any other dry goods.

Perfect for: Anyone who is overly particular about the coffee beans they buy, and kitchen purists

Friends ($50-$100)

Hario V60 Glass Coffee Brewing Kit

Hario V60 Glass Pour Over Coffee Brewing Kit - This high quality pour over kit gives you all you need to kick off your pour over journey in style. The glassware is all accented in stylish gunmetal grey making it stand out from the usual crowd. With a V60-02 dripper and range server, along with a matching scoop and filters, there isn’t a better way to say ‘make me good coffee when I come over to see you’.

Perfect for: Friends you are actively coercing into the #coffeelife, and the new to coffee individual with a sense of style.

Hario Skerton Pro

Hario Skerton Pro Manual Coffee Grinder - The Skerton Pro is Hario’s best hand grinder so far. With a modern design, improved burr stability, 70g capacity, removable handle, and with an easy to adjust grind from espresso to French Press, this grinder is a great choice for at home or on the road.

Perfect for: The person who gets their coffee beans ground at the cafe, and wants to take their coffee game to the next level.

Chemex Classic Coffee Brewer

Chemex Classic Coffee Brewer - The name says it all: it’s a classic design coffee maker from Chemex. Even if you haven’t used one, it’s the pour over coffee brewer that you are most likely to have seen. It has a permanent exhibit in the New York Museum of Modern Art and has made appearances in films and TV shows from James Bond to Mad Men to Friends. What you need to know is it’s beautiful and it makes coffee good enough to match its looks. 3, 6, 8, & 10 cup versions available.

Perfect for: Anyone who appreciates amazing design, and detailed coffee flavour, and anyone who lusts after that Mid-century Modern lifestyle.

Able Kone Coffee Filter

Able Kone Coffee Filter - This is the ultimate partner to the Chemex coffee brewer (especially the gold version, but maybe not in this price bracket...) This is the original metal filter that is designed to be used with the Chemex coffee maker. Made in North America, with materials sourced in North America, this filter can be used time and time again saving paper filter usage and providing you with a higher body, richer cup of coffee than Chemex paper filters.

Perfect for: Chemex owners and the environmentally conscious.

I like you a lot ($100-$250)

Hario Pour Over Copper Kettle

Hario Pour Over Copper Kettle - Copper makes nearly everything look better, and this kettle is no exception. But the looks are not the only thing that this has going for it. In a recent staff test this 900ml kettle was the winner, and in at least everyone's top two kettle for accurate pouring and steadfast control. Beautiful outside and in.

Perfect for: The copper lover who wants the perfectly controlled pour.

Fellow Stagg EKG

Fellow Stagg EKG Variable Temperature Kettle - If you are looking for modern minimalist aesthetics with high temperature accuracy, then this is the only kettle for you. This cordless kettle can be set to any temperature and has a counterweighted handle for balanced pouring. This is the seasons’ must-have gift for the coffee enthusiast.

Perfect for: The obsessive coffee or tea enthusiast, the coffee lover who hates the way their hardware-store kettle looks on the counter, anyone who loves shiny dials and LED backlighting.

Hario Syphon Next

Hario Syphon Next - A coffee syphon that looks more like a chemistry experiment than a brew method and is the best of both! A unique method of brewing in which the temperature is kept constant throughout the brew cycle and produces some pretty amazing results with some practice. And this one comes with cloth and metal filters!

Perfect for: Coffee experimenters, show-offs, and those who desire theatre, as well as delicious coffee.

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

Baratza Encore Electric Coffee Grinder - The entry level grinder from a US company that only makes coffee grinders. Baratza makes products that are meant to last forever. And if you do have issues, customer service is second to none and parts are cheap, available, and easy to install. The Encore is a conical burr grinder aimed at filter coffee, but also a cheap way to get a good espresso grind. This is the grinder that your favourite barista is likely to have at home.

Perfect for: Anyone who doesn’t have time to hand-grind their coffee every morning, anyone frustrated with their choppy blade grinder, or anyone who wants a huge step up from the big brand grinders.

Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale

Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale - A scale is a scale is a scale, right? When it come to coffee, wrong! The Acaia scale may be the gift that a coffee lover never knew they wanted, but will never be able to live without once they have experienced it. In case you have been living in a DCZ (De-Caffeinated Zone), you’ll know that the holy grail of coffee brewing in consistency and the only way to get that is with a scale. Especially with the most accurate and precise coffee scale on the market: The Acaia Pearl. And with its companion app, you’ll be improving your brewing skills, keeping records, and sharing the love on social media, if you so wish.

Perfect For: Coffee Nerds. There, I said it.

Drop the Mic ($250 +)

Ratio Eight Edition Coffee Maker

Ratio Eight Edition Coffee Brewer - What do you get for the person that has everything? The Ratio Eight Edition, that’s what. A new paragon in coffee, the Ratio Eight changes everything with a precision brewing technique, top-quality construction, and a design that will elevate any environment for years to come. Made in Portland and with a 10 year warranty, this is truly the pinnacle of automatic coffee brewers.

Perfect for: Anyone with a shiny new renovated kitchen, those who prefer to have no plastic parts, or the discerning coffee lover who is difficult to impress.

Baratza Forte

Baratza Forte AP Coffee Grinder - This is Baratza’s top of the range prosumer/light commercial grinder. The AP stand for All Purpose, as it is designed to be amazing at everything, be it brewed coffee or espresso grind. It has a touch screen display, timed grinding for espresso, a built in scale for brewed coffee grinding, and a full metal body to ensure it can take everything that you throw at it.

Perfect for: Anyone who needs the best of both a filter and a espresso grinder.

Comandante C40 Nitro

Comandante Manual Coffee Grinder - Arguably producing a better grind quality than many high end commercial grinders, the meticulously German-engineered Comandante Hand Grinder is one of the most beautiful grinders to behold, and hold. A mixture of metal, glass, and a range of beautiful wood finishes, this grinder is the best money can buy.

Perfect for: Devotees of German Engineering, The most discerning traveller or the most particular home/work brewer.

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