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Urnex Rinza Dairy Cleaner

Urnex Rinza Dairy Cleaner

Urnex Rinza Dairy Cleaner(URNX-RINZA)

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Rinza was created by coffee cleaning powerhouse Urnex specifically to tackle milk residue.

When dissolved in water, Rinza Tablets create a solution that will easily remove milk residue and build-up in steam wands, valves, and tubes. Solution can be used on automatic milk frothers, manual steam wands, traditional and super automatic espresso machines, and milk pitchers. Tablets provide users with convenience and flexibility for use and storage.

15 ounces.

Instructions for automatic milk frothers

  1. Create solution of one 120ct. tablet and 250mL warm water. If using 40ct. tablets, combine one tablet and 1000mL water.
  2. Insert suction tube into solution.
  3. Run entire solution through frother.
  4. Repeat above with clean cold water to thoroughly rinse all components.

Instructions for steam wands and other dairy equipment

  1. Create solution by dissolving one 120ct tablet with each 250mL warm water. If using 40ct tablets, dissolve one tablet for each 1000mL water.
  2. Soak parts or steam wand for 15-30 minutes in solution.
  3. Rinse all components.

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