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About Shipping

Postage Costs

We want to keep postage costs to a minimum, so only charge a flat rate ($10) anywhere in Canada - therefore it often makes sense to add more items to your cart to get the most out of your postage charge.

We use Canada Post Expedited, as they are the least expensive, and deliver quickly.  If you would prefer us to send your package via UPS, just let us know in the comments box - we do have accounts with them. We ship same or next day (depending on the time of day you place your order). If you need something sent extra quick, just send us an email.


We could buy a new box for every order and pass the cost on to you... but we prefer to reuse packaging that has been sent to us - not only to keep your price down, but because it's just better for the environment. If your package comes with bubble-wrap, it's second hand. If we ever do need to use brand new packaging, we try to find the most eco-friendly products available.  

Why buy from within Canada?

If, like us, you've ever ordered online from a US company, you'll know that it's a gamble whether or not you'll be charged at the border with duties, taxes, and high brokerage fees (sometimes more than the value of the item!). Shipping costs are often higher, and sometimes your warranties aren't even valid in Canada. And that's all if you've managed to get to the final checkout page without finding a "State" field that only lists 50 options.

We've taken care of all the Canadian duties and taxes for you - and no nasty "extra charges" surprise when your package is delivered.


We are located in Calgary, Canada (with a warehouse for wholesale in Toronto), and specialise in bringing amazing coffee products from around the world to Canada, where specialist items can sometimes be hard to find.  We are more than happy to post packages anywhere outside of Canada, but if you live in the UK or the USA you will probably find someone closer to home that has the same products as us in stock. 

In the UK, we highly recommend you check out our mates at Has Bean.  In the USA, try Stumptown or Espresso Supply.

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